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MKM - Maniago Knife Makers

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MKM, or Maniago Knife Makers, is a consortium founded in 1960 to promote local craftsmanship made in Maniago, Italian manufacturers of knives, scissors. The MKM brand, used in the past, has been refreshed and reactivated to offer new products, created through partnerships with the knife makers of Maniago. MKM is committed to cutting-edge technology and creativity, without forgetting the more than 500 years of tradition of the region.

MKM started as a product brand of the Maniago Knife Makers consortium with a collection of knives made by the local business network Mikita. Maniago-based Mikita was formed in 2018 from the merger of four companies with global reputations: Fox Knives, LionSteel, Mercury and Viper. Together, these four companies boast a 200-year history of knife manufacturing.

The consortium also decided to work with some highly regarded knife makers to help promote the new brand. As a result, MKM won Knife Collaboration of the Year at the 2018 BLADE Show with knifemakers Lucas Burnley and Bob Terzuola.