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Ben Petersen

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Ben Petersen came into contact with the knife industry in 2011, supplementing his college education with a casual job making YouTube videos. The vortex of the knife world drew him in and he spent the next eight years working full-time in the industry at a knife retailer and manufacturer. He dealt with thousands of knives, recording more than 1,000 knife videos and producing knife marketing content for the entire industry. During his travels, Ben developed a particular preference for knives, such as blades under 3 inches and a fondness for blue Handle grips in simple designs. After years of advertising other people's knives, Ben created his first EC design called "Banter." It is a thoughtful combination of all the features Ben loves in knives. When he's not working on knives, Ben spends most of his time backpacking, biking and exploring his home state of Utah with his wife and four children. And like him, they all like knives, too.