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Frank Beltrame

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Frank Beltrame has been making spring knives in the town of Maniago, Italy for over 60 years. According to family history Vittorio's great-grandfather and his 4 sons started the business after the Second World War, but it must be remembered that already Vittorio's great-grandfather's father, Eugenio Beltrame, was a blacksmith in Maniago, who forged nautical and multi-purpose knives for various companies.

The first production line was set up in the 1970s, but over time a flood of cheap automatic knives from the east threatened the Beltrame family's products. To counteract this, Frank Beltrame adapted modern technology to the traditional methods of making classic Italian spring knives. By working on the details that make the difference, the company has achieved success. The hand-folded Italian Switchblade Knives, when opened, emit a distinctive click that sets them apart from other spring knives. Opening the blade must take place within a few hundredths of a second, a feature of all Stiletto knives. Today, these iconic knives produced under the Frank Beltrame brand are recognised throughout the world.